Fourth Party Logistics plays a growing role in today's business world. For this, INGETRAS integrates the best in Global Technology with offshore manufacturing sourcing and personally supervised & verified Quality Control to manage the product life-cycle from the source through final destination.

Through our 4PL we can handle your: warehousing, shipping, logistics, and total needs.

As your 4PL-Shipping provider we can also recognize market, industry, global and technology trends; and utilize this knowledge to enable & enhance your competitive advantages, in testing, proving and gaining quick access to new markets and end-clients.

By analyzing operational procedures, we can define the approach you need to perform well while in that particular market, and even develop risk-mitigation tools.

Our customers are using INGETRAS as a 4PL partner, to free-up time and capital resources. Common 4PL's handle one-time distributions or regular operations. However, most have rigid operations models, and work on the micro-level, rather than the macro picture. INGETRAS looks forward to working with your business in any and every need aspect, whether it's managing a Pick/Pack/Ship operation, or the full range of services. Contact us today to test our service, and grow your business.